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Andando e estando cansada en Barcelona

December 28, 2010

We have been walking a ridiculous amount. By the time we make it home, I am very, very tired.

So tired.

It is 9 and I am ready to sleep.

You would think that, after being here a good deal more than three months (four! almost four!) I would be accustomed to all of the walking and the being up all night and all of that, but alas.

I am not Spanish. It is not in my blood. I am the lamest 20 (almost 21) year-old there ever was.

I don’t much care. But I was watching……… I think it was Cougartown. And Courtney’s character was complaining about not having any wild stories from her 20’s like her friends. And I am just sitting here knowing that I am going to be like botoxed Courtney in 20 years. Or ten or five.

Oh well. I like sleep more than clubs.

But Barcelona is great. I am more comfortable speaking Spanish than I have ever been, which is weird, but I am revelling in it. I am seeing a lot of this city (including maybe every shoe store… thanks Jen), even if everything we try to go to (restaurant I have researched, museum, etc) is closed. And I am not kidding. It is funny and weird and a little frustrating. But the first time we went to the Picasso museum, closed. The contemporary art museum today, closed. Every restaurant I have looked at, ever, closed.


Oh well.

Here are some pictures:

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