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La última semana

December 13, 2010

Officially, according to the Spanish calendar and everything (they start on Monday; very simple concept, very hard to get used to) it is my last week in Sevilla. After I leave around 8 pm on Friday, I will spend only about 13 hours in Sevilla between the 18th of January when I come back from Barcelona and the 19th when I head home.

Finals start Wednesday. My big ol’ final project video for my psych class is due tomorrow (don’t you worry, I will post it even if it is all in Spanish). And then boom boom boom boom four tests and I am done done.

I have started packing. My suitcases are reaching capacity.

It’s weird.

In case you haven’t got the whole rundown of the travel plans yet:

December 17th-January 1st: Barcelona with friends until the 21st, by myself until the 24th, with mama and Jen the rest of the time.

January 2ndish-January 5thish: Bilbao/Basque Country with mama.

January 6th-January 16th: Serbia with Bogdan and fam

January 16th-January 18th: Barcelona with Juliann

January 18th-January 19th: Sevilla

January 19th-February 17thish: Portland

February 17thish-June 10thish: Bennington


It’s all very overwhelming.

Here is my breakfast from yesterday:

I will very much miss the oranges here. So, so, so, so very delicious.

In other food news, Saturday night Charlotte, Amy and I were planning to head out in search of paella. But good paella and Sevilla don’t seem to be things that go together very well (at least according to the internet information) so we wandered around for a while and looked into a few places and eventually went to this place called Bar Eslava which I had read about on all two of the Sevilla food blogs I managed to dig up (dismal). We stood at the bar for the first time, like the true Spaniards we aren’t. We didn’t understand most of the menu and basically let the waitress order for us, as usual.

Most. Delicious. Tapas. I. Have. Eaten. In. Spain.

I don’t have pictures, but I want to go back, and the food is featured prominently in our weirdo psych video. Meats covered in sauces, Charlotte got this vegetable strudel thing that she said was awesome (because she is a real vegetarian) and we all got these perfectly carved out egg yolk on a bizcocho de bellotas which translates to acorn poundcake but was in the perfect little shape for the egg yolk. And then the whole thing had this winey sauce all over it.

We also got croquetas, which were better than normal, but the tomato salady thing that they were served with UH they totally stole the show.

I am so sad I only discovered this place now and I am trying trying to figure out when I am going to make it back.

If you ever come to Sevilla it is the only place I am telling you you must go (though El Nomada for pizza gets my vote, Douchka for tea because we spend all of our time there, conTenedor for their bozcochos during merienda and I will find out about dinner soooon because we are going, the guys at Los Claveles are sweethearts and that sandwich was pretty awesome, and of course you have to visit my nuns).

Anyway. Sevilla. It’s winding down. It’s weird. But I am not sure it is sad yet.


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  1. DIANNE SHERMAN permalink
    December 13, 2010 9:12 pm

    Oh my gosh, Sofie, you are the biggest foodie for being in college!! I only discovered food when I had to figure out how to fix it! Wow! What wonderful experiences you are having. Nothing is 100% wonderful but that is part of the experience. Hugs, love and take care and make sure your Seville mama is warmly rewarded with hugs and thankfulness. We need to see your family too. Never saw the new baby………..not your highest priority!! GSherman

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