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Queso y chocolate e enfermedades

December 12, 2010

Hi hi hi sorry sorry sorry

Just got an email from Grandmother reminding me that it has been a ridiculously long time since I posted anything. Which I knew. But… I will explain…

Weekend before last was Madrid, which shortened my week my a day because I accidentally booked my return ticket back on Monday instead of Sunday. Which I didn’t really mind. But then there was a whirlwind of lesson planning and we left on Friday for Geneva and a day in Barcelona on Tuesday, and then we got to Sevilla on Wednesday morning. I got home around 11, fell back asleep around 12-12:30, and didn’t wake up until 7:30. I had a fever. My whole body hurt. There was coughing, etc, etc. I spent all of Wednesday and Thursday in bed sleeping and listening to podcasts and drinking a lot of water, only really leaving my room when Manuela would wake me up at meal times when I couldn’t really eat anything anyway.

This was really poor timing, as my portfolio was due on Friday for my teaching class. I went to my meeting – thinking I was prepared – I wasn’t, totally, and, being the last student, I ended up getting yelled at for an hour or so about how no one was prepared and we were all taking advantage of his flexibility blah blah blah I cried the whole time as I was in no emotional or physical state to endure any of that, we didn’t even talk about what the whole meeting was about, and I came back and lied in bed the rest of the day not doing anything more because I was angry than anything else.

So now I am trying to catch up on the rest of my finals-type work for the week. My last week in Sevilla. I leave for Barcelona on Friday, and I won’t be back here until I leave for the States on January 19th.


It’s a really strange feeling. This one big giant thing is coming to an end, and everyone else is leaving soon and I am surrounded by all of their emotions about that. But I have a looong time before I leave. I don’t feel all of the anxiety.

Anyway! Happy things! Switzerland was absolutely amazing. We stayed with the nicest, most generous friends of my sister’s. We were greeted with fondue on Friday night and the whole weekend kept being just as great. There weren’t a tremendous amount of touristy things to do in Geneva, which was actually great because we just wandered around the city and checked everything out. I saw the IB headquarters. And the WTO and UN and lots of other things. Lots and lots of other things. Which was just cool. We had lots of interesting conversations with Iris and John (our hosts) and spent a lot of time with their daughter Talia who was really, really sweet and wonderful and I spent a lot of time trying to befriend their cats. And we ate more cheese and chocolate than I thought could possibly fit into a single weekend. Previously I had thought that Spain was a cheesier country than Switzerland. No longer. No longer. It was a great, great trip. Great, great, great, great. And we can only really thank Iris and John and Talia (and Leah, their other daughter, too) because they really made it. I know we are all so so so so so so so thankful. I will be sending lots of postcards.

Statue in front on the WTO building.


Charlotte and some bicycles.

It was Sarah's birthday on Saturday. So we made her a list of 21 things she had to do, like make a snow angel.


The view from the top of the cathedral.

I realize I haven’t really posted about Madrid, which is shameful. I started writing a big long thing but… ugh. It was really great, too. Friday and Monday I had to myself and wandered around the city. I went to the Reina Sofia and the Prado on Friday, and the botanical gardens and a great little restaurant for my Thanksgiving dinner, attempt 2. Stephanie and Juan were really wonderful hosts, too, and we went to Toledo and Segovia and Saturday and Sunday, respectfully, which were both just totally beautiful. Monday I wandered, and walked onto a street exclusively of vintage clothing stores as it started snowing. It was magical, and I am not being sarcastic. I am not a huge shopper, but thrifting is just what I do and there is no where to do it in Sevilla.

Reina Sofia, in all her glory.



The botanical gardens in Madrid

Botanical garden greenhouse full of tropical hanging plants.

In front of the Prado.

Green wall in Madrid

Misters España in Toledo that we ran into. Think Miss America, in Spain, with men.

View from the top of a church of Toledo.

The cathedral in Toledo.

The view of Toledo from a hotel across the way.

Segovia's awesome aqueduct.

Segovia's cathedral.

And on a totally different note, I found this in my Vogue España jewelry supplement that came with the Vogue I’d bought for the plane.



“The Portland Farmers Market, in Oregon, offers an ample selection of local products.”

I realize now that sentence was all cognates. Just in case you didn’t get it, though!

Totally bizarre. But I totally loved it. Oooobbbbbvioooously.

Anyway. That is all. For now. Back to finals work ugh ugh ugh ugh.

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