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Día de la Acción de Gracias, Restaurante de Alicia

November 25, 2010

Well it’s Thanksgiving here in Sevilla. Just any other day, feast at some supposedly swanky hotel, hosted by CIEE. I am excited for the piles of food. Please let there be mashed potatoes! Please let there be pie! (Please let there be wine!) These are the only things that I am asking!

But mostly…

I am thankful for all of you.

Even if you are some stranger happening upon this blog for some weird, weird reason. You, sir or madam, are probably spending too much time on the internet. But I appreciate you anyway.

Thank you, thank you.

Today in my classes (three on Thursdays! Wee!) we did Thanksgiving warm-ups. My older classes had to find words in the word THANKSGIVING (there are 353 different possibilities). With my sixth graders I tried to get everyone is a circle to say what they were thankful for, but there were a few trouble makers. After I and the get next to me went, we had to sit down and I yelled at them in Spanish. Translating from English that they probably didn’t understand. But still in Spanish. I do not speak Spanish during my classes. I kind of proud myself on it. I mimed throwing up today for my older students to explain what that meant. I will do it all! Just no Spanish!

But I was very terse and probably angry-looking. For the first time, really. The class was much better from then on.

Which was really something to be thankful for, since yesterday their usual teacher said she hadn’t taught them any new material since the last time I was there (in three classes! How is that possible? I had thought) and it turned out they had done everything that I had planned for the day. Oh well. Got through it.

Yesterday in my teaching class, we had this absolutely amazing speaker come in that went through a grammar lesson with us (in Spanish, naturally) that was designed to give the students more autonomy over their learning, gradually realize how it to use the grammar feature… It sounds really boring. But he was awesome. He is an awesome teacher. And I probably learned more from the packet he gave us (or definitely could if I go over it more closely) than I have from any grammar book (or teacher…) about that particular grammar skill. It was awesome.

So I was more stressed about my lessons today. They were both about grammar, and I wanted them to be as good! I tried. Multiple steps. Adding more information gradually.

I am not sure the kids totally, totally got it. They are so used to doing things page by page in the textbook that they are repeating answers before I say them. And they seem to have memorized all possible textbook instructions, so when we do things a different way it is really hard for them to wrap their heads around. But it was really good, I think. Better, at least.

Who knows.

Back to making my Madrid guide for tomorrow! While I listen to Alice’s Restaurant. In Spain.

I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving already.

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  1. DIANNE SHERMAN permalink
    November 26, 2010 11:44 pm

    Sofie, Are you hooking up with Kasper via Pamela? Keep me informed!! XXOO, G sherman

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