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Clases, Escuelas, Trabajos

November 23, 2010

Here is Sarah and I today in the teacher’s lounge, being all official. Me eating all of the little chocolate delicious things that I bought (8 for a euro?!?!). Sarah was supposed to eat more than one. She did not.

My class today was… okay. I was really kind of excited for it. I planned a lot of group work, and I was going to teach fixed expressions (sayings, like “That was a ball of laughs!” or  “He was over the moon about it!” or “I would give my right hand to go to that Shakira concert!”) and I found examples from Harry Potter! And I though – well hey, perfect – the movie just came out, I am sure they have all read the books. This is going to be awesome!

Turns out that Spanish 14 and 15 year olds don’t read Harry Potter. What?!

The difference in language level in the classroom is pretty amazing, too. There were some students who understood my directions immediately, but others were trying to put the phrases in order, or say if they were true or false, or just turn them into any other English classroom activity. I understand why they are in that pattern of doing things. I get it. But it was so hard to throw something new at them! Anyway, some students understood the directions immediately and did the activity. Other could just not understand what I was telling them to do (Read the sentence! Find the fixed expression!) and kept trying to put them in order or something.

We got through it, though.

I was really impressed when, when the students had to make different sentences using different kinds of linkers, that one group made sentences about world politics: one about South Korea bombing an island and another about Obama getting elected. And then at the end of class, one boy asked me if I was democrat or republican and then made a joke about liking Sarah Palin. I guess I knew that American politics were discussed abroad. But this is a 14-year-old boy making jokes about things that are not often on the news here (I have watched the news, and I think I have yet to see Sarah). I was impressed.

Anyway. Next week I am teaching them “Winter Wonderland” and all about American Christmas, so this was really my last lessony lesson with them. I can’t believe how fast the teaching has gone, and the whole program.

I am so excited to not have homework anymore.

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