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Un milagro

November 22, 2010

The other night, I went to dinner. Everything was normal, except the dining room table had moved right in front of the tv by the couch. “I do not understand this,” I thought to myself. “That table is way too high to be a comfortable coffee table, and I do not want to sit this close to the tv.”

Hesitant, I sat down. And then a miracle happened. From some mysterious source, the beneath-the-table was warm. So warm! And the floor-length table-cloth that I had failed to notice previously kept the heat nicely on my legs, feet, and toes. Genius!

I figured it was just a space heater, but I went into the dining room/living room on Sunday to do some morning reading (that didn’t get very far…) and did some investigating, and it is actually this big round board thing with a round heating implement in the middle. Like it is made to sit under tables with long table-clothes and warm legs, feet, and toes during meals.

One has appeared at Amy’s, too, and apparently she learned in her grammar class that this miracle has a name (that I naturally forgot) and is some kind of wonderful Spanish genius. Delightful. I have started looking forward to meal time much, much more.

In other, less delightful news, these past few days the unmotivated train has run over me. It has yet to stop, really. It must have so many cars. These times happen, I know that, I have been told that, I have experienced that. But usually I don’t have too much to stress over and once deadlines start creepin’ or I lay around long enough I get my act together. But this dismotivation is angry and stressed. I am not sure why I am so angry. I have had many, many seemingly pointless homeworks to do in the past that I have done complacently. But I am angry. And there are a lot of them. And I am stressed. And I get myself so jumbled as to whether I should get these pointless things out of the way or if I should do my lesson plans first and then more on to the frustrating, pointless things. And instead of picking one I flounder back and forth and then lose myself on the internet for hours (like writing blog posts instead of doing homework) and never actually do anything and just get madder at myself. It’s a terrible cycle.

I have found some fun things though.

Northwesty food clips!

And this! Melissa Clark’s pie crust making video! Ah! Adorable!

And the blogroll! Ah! I don’t even have all those ones bookmarked already! Another miracle!

They kind of continue like that.

I guess nothing that exciting. You catch my internet distraction drift.

I’ll get back to work now.

First, here I am actually on a camel:

I was pretending to fall off. hahaha I am so funny.

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  1. November 22, 2010 6:54 pm

    They had those miraculous heaters in Nepal as well. They are the best.
    I hope the caboose comes soon and goes on its merry way. xoj

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