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November 10, 2010

Yesterday was my first day of teaching! I actually taught my first class! There was a lesson plan involved, and making worksheets, and assigning homework. Not just sitting and observing like the past five weeks.

It was kind of fun/adorable. I mostly giggled the whole time and made weird hand gestures and tried to explain “used to” vs “to get used to” vs “to be used to” and talked about Paul McCartney.

None of them had ever heard Paperback Writer and they all seemed to think it was hilarious. I tried to explain road trips to the Redwoods with Beatles tapes to them.

I was actually really surprised how good they were. Reflecting on my experience as a Spanish student, I don’t think I have ever filled in all the blanks in those fill in the missing lyrics while you listen to a song activities. But they were on it. I might have to consult my iTunes for some more difficult songs. But these days that would end with me making them listen to a lot of Neil Young. I’ve been going through a phase.

Speaking of which! I was going to make you a video! Of me driving on the bus back from Granada and then I was going to add the song I was listening to at the time and then it would be like you were there! But Quicktime and Windows Media Player incompatibility is preventing me from doing so. And it doesn’t come up when I go look for it in my pictures folders. So. I’ll just leave you with this youtube link. Maybe not as exciting. I will work on those tech skills.

I have had that song stuck in my head since Friday, when I basically listened to After the Gold Rush all the way to Granada.

SPEAKING OF WHICH. I loved it. I loved Granada. Just like my Soka yoga teacher and intuition told me.

The Alhambra was absolutely amazing. The homogeneity that I have experienced here (in the food, in people’s general appearance, etc) was instead a mix of traditional Spain and a strong Muslim presence, but there was also Thai food (which doesn’t exist in Sevilla, as far as I know). And there were hills and trees changing colors and it was cold (which probably explains my sore throat and plugged up nose but it was worth it) and there was this beautiful park that dropped you right downtown from our hotel with tall tall trees and water gutters, basically (except pretty) that rushed all the way down the hill and made this wonderful sound…

It was just all very lovely. And I have too many pictures. So:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is everything save the Alhambra, which was absolutely breathtaking and warrants its own post, both in magnificence and in pictures.

On the way to Granada from Sevilla, I listened to this show from Radiolab (I have been on a major, major podcast kick lately). It’s all about cities, and sets off to explain what makes that feeling a city has, it’s aura. I think it fails at doing so, even though it was really interesting. I am still so confounded by why I don’t love Sevilla with every bit of me, like I so badly wanted to. I should. I feel like I should. Nothing is wrong. It’s probably my fault, somewhere.

But Radiolab explains everything in relation to size. Portland has a population of about 582,130. Sevilla’s is 703,206. Is that all this is based on?

No, of course. But. I wish there was some science I could put my fingure on.

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  1. November 11, 2010 3:56 pm might help you with file conversion if that’s the problem.

  2. DIANNE SHERMAN permalink
    November 12, 2010 10:23 am

    I love seeing Spain with you Sofie! Take me with you to Moroccro and Tangiers!! G.Sherman

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