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Resumen, cont.

October 31, 2010

Much overdue… I wouldn’t even post this if these weren’t the most important tourist attractions in Sevilla. So… at least enjoy the pictures? I apologize!!!!


So after Plaza de España, we walked through the adjoinging Parque Maria Luisa, which I found to be just as impressive if not more so. There isn’t much that is lush about Sevilla, but Maria Luisa is the bright green best friend that I have been missing. Amy and I chipped in some centimos each and bought ourselves some roasted chestnuts from one of the many men catering to the hoards of tourists flooding out of Plaza de España, and walking through all the trees – trying to dodge the horse-drawn carriages – and stumbling upon all of these beautiful, who-knows-how-old statues… it was really an experience.


We didn’t wander around too much because I was with people who were very concerned about the direction we were going and not getting lost. I don’t have these hang-ups – not here at least. (This is part of the reason I was 15 minutes late to my Phonetics and Phonology class yesterday: when you search out a new convent to try their treats, why walk back the way you came when you can find some other way to the university?)

Walking through the park.

This all must have happened a week ago Sunday, I think. Something like that. Monday there was class, and then Tuesday was the Spanish equivalent of Columbus Day. It’s a bigger deal here – an actual holiday with things closed and stuff. Naturally, we chose that day to hit up the tourist attraction: the Cathedral, Real Alcazar, and the Archivos de los Indios, which we only really went to because the lines at everything else were sooo looong and it was nearby and not as many people are into archives about the discovery of the Americas. The current exhibit was all about pirates so there were lots of cool maps and things, but there were also a lot of screaming children so the ambience was a little ruined.

But basically, because it was a holiday, it felt like everyone in the region had decided that Tuesday was the day to visit Sevilla. The lines were unprecedented. Amy and I decided to walk around a while, get some coffee. I almost, almost gave up entirely – why visit these attractions with all of these other people when I could probably find a much less crowded day in the not-too-distant future?

Cathdral ceilings

But we waited, and I am so glad I did. The Cathedral was just about everything I could have expected – the giant organ, all the innate corner details and the giant altar thing, flowers all over Christopher Columbus’ tomb, etc. Giralda – which is this giant tower built by the Moors that is so impressive that it was preserved after the Inquisition, if I understand the story correctly – was amazing too. I never would have anticipated climbing up so many church towers during my time here, but it just never gets old. The long, steep climb is always rewarded by an amazing panorama of whatever city you happen to be in. Always breathtaking. And Giralda being in Sevilla, there was a certain fascination with of “I can see my house from here” – except more of trying to figure out what direction I even lived in. Climbing in vertical circles can be more than a little disorienting.

From there we went to Real Alcazar, which was the most breathtaking place I have been in Sevilla, maybe Andalucia, maybe this whole trip. It was amazing. Uh-mazing.  And all of this was free for us (because we are technically Universidad de Sevilla students, if I didn’t mention that when I wrote the rest of this…. two weeks ago). Plan on going back for a picnic!

The gardens at Real Alcazar. Incredible.

Inside the palace

Okay, so thus ends my update of what I did like…. three weeks ago? Woopsie. Sorry.

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