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Ayeee Lo Siento….

October 19, 2010

Alright. I know, I know. I have totally failed at this blogging thing for a while there and I am sooorrry. Especially because I am always super annoyed when all the blogs I follow don’t update enough to fill my procrastinating needs. I am sorry if I have failed to satiate yours.

Anyway. It has been a busy, busy, busy, busy week or so. Last weekend Sarah’s friend and her friend were in town, so we did a fair amount of touristing. Plaza de España, for example:

The Plaza, in all its glory.

It’s beautiful, it’s huge. It was made for the world expo or something similar back in the 90s, so it is not a million years old or anything. But it is absolutely gigantic and covered with all of these ornate tiles of all the different regions of Spain. It’s under “permanent restoration” because of this ornate-ness, although apparently all of the temporary chain-link fences have disappeared since my visit. There is a little “river” with boats that you can rent for 5 euro and float around.

Alright: that is going to have to do temporarily. I am going to go meet a teacher from the school where I have been observing to do an intercambio thing – speak in English for a while then in Spanish. I am not terribly excited and I feel kind of bad about that. But it’s really hard to say no. I am just not totally sure what we will talk about.

More soon (I promise, I hope). It will probably be the biggest blog post ever. I might break WordPress. We shall see.

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