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Café Café Café

October 10, 2010

So Friday was unofficially “wander around by yourself and get aquainted with the neighborhood” day. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. I’ve done a lot of internet research about Sevilla, looking for anything nearby that I could maybe relate to. There’s the Rinconcillo, the oldest bar in Sevilla (founded 1670). It is in every guidebook ever written about Sevilla, probably. Or at least all of the ones I have read. Those might be similar figures.

I still haven’t even made it there. My priorities and those of my friends here can be a little different at times. I don’t mean that in a bad way. But I am all about the food, and not sticking out so much, soo much (it’s impossible not to). But when we’re all together, the food thing and the food culture experience kind of goes out the window in lieu of other things. Then there are cameras flashing in restaurants where we are the only tourists, for a change. Maybe I am hyper-concious about what everyone in the room is thinking, but I don’t want to walk into a room and automatically be a tourist for four months.

So I have reasoned that this can all be abetted by me going out by myself, which I have missed anyway. And so on Friday, for really the first time in the past month, I was purposefully alone somewhere other than my room. I walked all around the neighborhood: down Calle San Luis, down to Calle Feria, and finally to Alameda de Hercules (in Roman lore, Hercules founded the city of Sevilla). We’d passed this little cafe on this little offshoot of Feria before, and when the other two cafes I had set off the sit in were closed, I ended up there.

And really, it’s kind of perfect. Maybe it’s not the same as Pois, Cafe in Lisboa. But we aren’t in Lisboa! And it still has what appears to be delicious cake (I will eat some soon…) and good coffee, and a really friendly man at the bar, and 2.50 euro capirinhas (delicious) and mojitos on Thursdays and Fridays. They have a full stock of Spanish Vogue and Architectural Design Digest sitting on the window, and crazy things adorning the walls. Yesterday when I went (for the third time in 24 hours, my goodness) there were infused olives oils on all the tables (the bottles on my table were stuffed with rosemary and oregano, and I saw garlic on one of the other tables). I’ve gotten homework done there, and even though there are lots of other people there, it wasn’t overwhelmingly crowded or noisy. It’s beautiful. And goodness knows I will be returning many, many times.

From my seat in the corner without any flash.

I am sure there is more, but I have to run. Amy and I are going to an art market and one with pets for sale. The whole market is just live animals. There was a man outside El Corte Ingles (the big ol department store here) with two teeny, teeny puppies and a little kitten. I almost stole them, poor things.

So gotta run!


In totally unrelated news:

I just got shivers. From the article, I have heard the song about a million times. But these kids…. doing big things.

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