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¡Vamos a Cadíz!

September 19, 2010

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Yesterday we went to Cadíz! Coming into it I was worried that it would be lame – just like coming into Sevilla, there were all these modern boxy buildings, and I was worried that that would have taken over the historic part of the city. And while the center was really small, it was totally beautiful (as was the beach, my goodness). We went on a tour with a giude for a while, and then spent four hours on the beaches. The water was colder than Matalascaña, and there was more trash, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t absolutely enjoy myself regardless. At this rate, though, I can’t imagine the tan lines come December. At least I avoided burning yesterday!

Friday was great, too. I didn’t make it to the nuns and their pastries in the morning, but I asked my professor where the convent was during a break in class and she walked me there! It turns out it’s right up the street from the CIEE building. Monday, then!

In lieu of nun pastries, after class and siesta (my test turned out to be not terribly hard!) Amy and I walked around downtown and got churros con chocolate. Spanish churros are a little different from their Mexican counterparts – like a waffle in stick form, almost saltier than sweet. And then you dip them in this pudding-like hot chocolate… Oh man. I almost like them both better on their own.


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