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Aye, la clase…

September 16, 2010

Once class started, all of a sudden there was homework, and responsibility, and so much reviewing but really a lot of learning, too.

I wasn’t exactly expecting this. I took the placement test in Iowa City after driving that day from Omaha to Des Moines to Grinnell to Vedic City, before getting caught in a thunder storm with lightning like I have never seen and enduring definitely the most stressful drive of my life. All I wanted to do was sleep, and I am sure that my test score reflected that.

So I am in a lower section of Intensive Advanced Spanish Grammar than I probably would be otherwise. But I am learning a lot and understanding things a lot more completely than I have before. We’re doing a lot of worksheets and talk about grammar – and sometimes it feels very menial – but direct and indirect object pronoun use is sticking like never before!

That being said, I have not been out and about in Seville much at all this week. The rest of the TDP kids are heading out for churros this evening (they are soo much better here: they taste like waffles and you add your own sugar) and as delicious as that sounds and as much as I was craving them in class today, I am so ready to sleep. At 9:45.

I would fail as a Spaniard.

Yesterday, though, we took a tour of our barrio with some Spanish CIEE folk, and they showed us around our neighborhood. We went into a few churches, and while they may be unassuming from the outside, once you walk through those doors… I can’t imagine a place with more impressive churches, especially per capita. It’s amazing.

An alter in one of the many churches. There is a photo of her in my house. I think she's a big deal.

Monday night we went to a flamenco performance – Tim’s señora insisted – and it was so much different than the other. The people were less attractive and the setting much less formal, but the same intensity was there in full force. And then Tim señora made a guest appearance dancing Sevillano – which looks a lot like flamenco to me, but I obviously don’t know too much. But when she went on thestage we all had a field day! She was so adorable and was obviously really enjoying herself. It was very fun.

Tim's señora is the on in the red and white dress!

Tomorrow is the “midterm” of this two week grammar class, so my plan is to get up early and study and then go to this church where nuns make these supposedly amazing pastries pre-test for good luck, or something.

Saturday we go to Cadíz – back to the beach with us! – but this time with CIEE. We have mandatory cultural tours and then a bunch of free time. I will be applying the sunscreen very, very liberally. Cadíz is the oldest city in western Europe, so hopefully the cultural aspect will be just as interesting to me as lying in the sun and swimming in the ocean.

I do believe these are chipmunks in a cage in the window of a pet store.

A vending machine for books! They have them for cigarettes and nuts, too, so there might as well be one for books, too! At the bar where we went to flamenco.

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  1. DIANNE SHERMAN permalink
    September 17, 2010 5:00 am

    Sofie, It sounds like you are having wonderful experiences! By the way, the important person is, no doubt, the Madonna (mother of Christ) whom Catholics honor greatly. We all celebrated Jami’s BD at Tasty and Sons. No doubt you know all about it being “in the know” about eateries in PTown!! It was so yummy! You will love to go there if you haven’t been already. Love you, GS

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