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September 12, 2010


Today was beach day! My first time swimming in the Atlantic. Amy, Charlotte, Tim, and I got sandwiches from our señoras and took the bus (about 12 Euros round trip) from Sevilla to Matalascaña. It was hot and the water was refreshing but so warm and perfect.

Tim and Amy on the beach, pre-crisping

There were a lot, a lot of people there. We bought tickets for the 11 am bus, but when we got to the depot it was absolute craziness: way, way more people than could fit on a bus, all speaking different languages. I think that in the end three full buses must have left for that same departure time. I fell asleep next to a girl about my age who was traveling with her parents and speaking something like German. We communicated in Spanish (her’s much better than mine), but she was very nice and helped me figure out how to recline my chair to sleep more comfortably.

El torre further down the beach

I did a lot of sleeping on the beach, too. The sun just zapped the energy out of me. Thus, I have also turned a nice shade of reddish – especially my right leg, exposed while I was sleeping on my side.

All of the Spanish folk at the beach, not burning like we were

Sunburns aside, it was a really great day.

Yesterday I overslept for the first time and missed the scavenger hunt. The past two nights we have set out with fun destinations in mind (the flamenco line dance club, a concert one of the regal Sevillian gardens) and just ended up getting lost, which has been okay. Friday night we ended up just walking for hours and got ourselves completely lost, but last night we stumbled upon the Alameda de Hercules (which we had actually walked through the night before but hadn’t stayed long) and found ourselves in front of a free flamenco performance, which was incredibly impressive. I enjoyed it as much if not more than the one we attended with CIEE. The energy of the crowd just added to the energy of the performers, and all in all it was a pretty magical atmosphere (save the urine smell at the particular bar we chose).

The river Friday night, while we were crossing the very wrong bridge.

Tomorrow is the first day of class! Yikes!

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  1. DIANNE SHERMAN permalink
    September 13, 2010 3:58 am

    Love your observations, Sofie, and your adventures!! I’m always checking to see if you have posted any new news!! Love you, GS PS: The pics were great too. Quite impressive and fun for us to share in this with you.

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